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Latest News

Detailed information on all decisions made by Felbridge Parish Council can be found under the Minutes tab.  Please look under the Planning Comments tab for information on applications and comments submitted.

Last Updated 14th June 2021

Hedgecourt Lake Area - Anti-social Behaviour

Felbridge Parish Council are pleased to report that the Tandridge District Borough Commander at Surrey Police has agreed to set up a joint action group to address the incidences of vandalism, anti-social behaviour and substance abuse in the area.  In addition, County Councillor Lesley Steeds is liaising with the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner to secure any necessary funding.

Please continue to report any incidents you come across to Surrey Police online since this will help create an accurate profile of the area and the level of support needed. 

Please note that the burnt out car by Hedgecourt Lake was the result of an accidental fire on 12th June.  Surrey Police and TDC are aware and it will be removed. 

Mid Sussex Plans for 200 houses alongside Gullege Bridleway

The hearings continue this week and can be viewed on the MSDC YouTube Channel.  Cllr. Jeremy Clarke spoken on behalf of Felbridge Parish Council in support of Infrastructure First's work to have site SA19 (200 houses) removed from the list of sites considered suitable for further development.  Cllr. Clarke also spoke against plans for 550 houses on Imberhorne Lane and noted that there was no requirement for any infrastructure works for improvements to traffic junctions in and around Felbridge to be delivered either before works commence or even afterwards.  He also explained how MSDC's latest transport survey was flawed since it only measured queueing traffic on the A264 back as far as the Crawley Down Road junction instead of back to Rowplatt Lane as previous surveys had done.  This meant that traffic numbers and queue lengths were not being accurately reported.  The hearings continue. 

New Felbridge Newsletter

If you would like to join the distribution list for a new monthly newsletter which will be compiled and distributed by Georgina Chapman, Chairman of Felbridge Parish Council, please send your name and email address to  

Wild Flower Planting, Felbridge Village Green

A plot on the Village Green has been prepared for wild flower planting.  It will be seeded w/c 7th June.  The seed mix include a historic collection known as 'Medieval Carpet' and a selection which is bee and insect friendly.

MSDC Developments in Felbridge

A new page has been created to provide information for residents and road users on the three MSDC developments in Felbridge, including information on their affect on local facilities and infrastructure.  Please visit the MSDC Developments page

District Council Election

The by-election for a District Councillor for the Felbridge Ward has been rescheduled for Thursday 17th June.  A list of candidates is available below with the uploaded documents.

ROADWORKS affecting the Felbridge Area

M23 Lane Closures - diversions through Felbridge Overnight 8.00pm-5.00am, Monday-Friday

7-30 June | Southbound | A22 and A264

5-27 July | Northbound | A264 and A22

West Park Road | Works continue under temporary lights (SCC) Works will continue through to December mainly under two-way or multi-way lights but further road closures are possible and permissions are in place from Surrey Highways. Dedicated SES web page

Change to Admission Arrangements for Surrey Schools

Following a consultation, Surrey County Council has approved a change which will remove the use of 'nearest school' as a criterion within the admission arrangements for Surrey Schools with effect from September 2022.

New Parish Councillor

Alex Horwood, who lives on Crawley Down Road, was co-opted as Parish Councillor at the meeting of Felbridge Parish Council held on Thursday 4th February.


Despite considerable opposition, MSDC have included site SA19 on Crawley Down Road near the Gullege Bridleway is a suitable location for a further 200 properties. Felbridge Parish Council submitted a detailed objection which can be found below. This also includes a response to SA20 for 550 properties on Imberhorne Lane. To view the full response please scroll down to Uploaded Documents at the foot of this page. 

Police Response to Speeding & Noise Pollution from Modified Engines

There has been an increase in reports to Police regarding speeding in 30mph and 50mph zones across Surrey and Sussex. In addition, complaints have risen about excessive noise from vehicles, mainly motorcycles, which have been modified to increase the level of noise they create.  Roads policing units are being strengthened to address anti-social driving and noise pollution.

Hedgecourt Lake - Anti-Social Behaviour

Police are responding to complaints from a Parish Councillor and residents to ongoing issues with large groups of young people gathering in the area around Mill Lane and Hedgecourt Lake from early evening into the early hours of the morning.  In addition to speeding cars and motorbikes, fires have been lit on the wooden pontoons and debris thrown into the lake.   Residents are having to clear up large quantities of canisters, balloons and other drug and substance abuse materials found alongside or in the lake each morning. Parents are alerted to the evidence of drug abuse and might consider the area unsuitable for their children in the evenings or at night at this time.  Any witnesses are asked to make a report to Surrey Police on  The Borough Commander has confirmed that a Dispersal Order is under consideration.

NO BONFIRES PLEASE - A Message from Tandridge District Council

Some residents are still regularly burning their waste. We are asking everyone to stop and think about their neighbours. Please don’t have a bonfire.  Bonfires create smoke, cause air pollution and prevent people from being in their gardens and can have a bigger impact at this time.  Coronavirus is known to cause serious respiratory problems, which could be made much worse if the sufferer is exposed to smoke from bonfires.  Bonfires can also become out of control or cause accidents, creating extra pressure on the already busy emergency services.  Please think of others, compost your garden waste where possible and dispose of your rubbish rather than burn it.  If you are regularly affected by smoke in your home and/or garden you can report this to us - for more details please visit

Imberhorne Lane Waste and Recycling Centre

For up to date information please visit  The Centre is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and visitors need to bring ID and proof of residency.  Surrey County Council have made a payment to West Sussex County Council as part of an agreement to allow Felbridge residents to continue to use facility.  Please note that the agreement covers cars only. The full list of postcodes included in the agreement are: RH19 2, RH7 6, RH10 3,,RH19 3, TN8 7, TN8 5 and TN8 6.  


In line with government guidelines, public meetings of Felbridge Parish Council cannot currently take place.  Legislation has been approved to allow Parish Councils to hold online meetings while public meetings remain suspended. All business will be conducted as usual.  A new tab has been added to the website so residents can view Felbridge Parish Council's comments on planning applications without waiting for Minutes to be uploaded.


Felbridge Parish Council submitted a formal request for the A264 to be resurfaced from Doves Barn through to the county boundary.  Our County Councillor has confirmed that resurfacing the A264 from the Star Junction through to the county boundary has been placed on the shortlist under the SCC Horizons project. 


Emergency contact numbers, email address and website addresses for all the council agencies and utilities providers has been uploaded below.  Please scroll down and open the folder named 'Emergency Contact Details'.


Information on both planned and unplanned roadworks, including the specific location and duration, can be found on the Surrey County Council website  Using the map function allows users to view the surrounding area too which comes under West Sussex.  

Tandridge District Council Additional Recycling - Door Step Collection

You can recycle textiles, paired shoes, small electrical items and batteries every week in your own plastic bags, by leaving them out with your food waste caddy.

All you need to do is:

  1. Place each type of item in a separate supermarket carrier bag (no larger than 35 x 40cm and not in black bin bags).
  2. Put batteries in a separate, sealable/tied up small bag eg a sandwich bag.
  3. Tie each bag.
  4. Leave the bags at the front of your property boundary next to your food waste caddy on your usual recycling/waste collection day by 6am.

For further information visit 


A defibrillator is located in the porch next to the entrance doors to Felbridge Village Hall. To access the equipment you first need to dial 999 and the emergency services will provide a code to open the cabinet.  The equipment works automatically with audible instructions on use.  It will not work if not correctly positioned so is safe to use.  The equipment and location were selected with advice from our local First Responder and SECAmb.