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Felbridge Parish Council

Latest News

Detailed information on all discussions and decisions made by Felbridge Parish Council, including planning applications, can be found under the Minutes tab.     

Last Updated 22nd May 2020

17 Copthorne Road Development Works

Both Tandridge and Mid Sussex District Councils have been made aware that demolition vehicles are on this site despite full planning conditions not being discharged.  The Planning Inspector set a pre-condition that no works could start on this site until the developers have completed works to improve sight lines on the A264.  It is the responsibility of the Planning Enforcement team at Tandridge District Council to enforce this condition.  Felbridge Parish Council have been liaising with TDC since 6th May and have today (22nd May) escalated this matter and asked Acting District Councillor Lesley Steeds to intervene.  The developers have been told to remove their advertising sign.  

Bank Holiday Refuse Collections

Rubbish and food waste collections will take place on the usual day following next week's bank holiday.  Garden waste will be collected one day later.

Imberhorne Lane Tip Re-opens

The Tip will re-open on Monday 11th May initially for cars only and ID will be required.  As usual, the Tip will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Surrey County Council have set up a Community Helpline number: 0300 200 1008 It operates Monday to Friday, 8.00am-6.00pm and 10.00am-2.00pm Saturday and Sunday and will direct residents to services that can help during this time.  

Felbridge Parish Clerk, Patricia Slatter, can be contacted via email on clerkfpc@aol.com and Parish Council Chair Georgina Chapman can be contacted by emailing georginafelbridgepc@gmail.com, by calling 01342 314028 or texting 07919100239.  Please be reassured that residents are not alone and there are people ready and willing to help. 

Technology Assistance from Action for Carers and Surrey Coalition for Disabled People

Stay connected with friends, family and the community: get online! Tech to Community Connect could loan you a device and give you the training and support you need to get started. If you are interested or know someone who may benefit please contact the team getconnected@surreycoalition.org.uk Phone: 01483 456 558, SMS text: 07563 997 932

NO BONFIRES PLEASE - A Message from Tandridge District Council

Some residents are still regularly burning their waste. We are asking everyone to stop and think about their neighbours. Please don’t have a bonfire.  Bonfires create smoke, cause air pollution and prevent people from being in their gardens and can have a bigger impact at this time.  Coronavirus is known to cause serious respiratory problems, which could be made much worse if the sufferer is exposed to smoke from bonfires.  Bonfires can also become out of control or cause accidents, creating extra pressure on the already busy emergency services.  Please think of others, compost your garden waste where possible and store your rubbish for disposal when the current emergency is over, rather than burn it.

If you are regularly affected by smoke in your home and/or garden you can report this to us - for more details please visit https://www.tandridge.gov.uk/Environmental-concerns/Bonfires-and-smoke.


A “buddy” system is up and running for any in our local area who may be feeling cut off and would appreciate someone from the church giving them a call from time to time to check in with them and seeing if they need any help.

Sunday services are being live streamed with the recording made available shortly afterwards. For more information please visit https://www.stjohnsfelbridge.com/


East Grinstead Town Council have an updated list of local businesses who are making contact free deliveries to homes on their website.  It is regularly updated as more businesses are added.  Please visit https://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/covid-19-update/food-suppliers-that-deliver-to-your-home/


The Wiremill Inn have launched an order and contactless collection service for a range of groceries including milk, bread, cheese, meat, fruit, veg and soft and alcoholic drinks.  The link is below:


FLANAGANS BUTCHERS CRAWLEY DOWN - Collection and Delivery Service

ORDERS: You can place orders via Phone: 01342 712740 or Email: crawleydownbutchers@outlook.com

COLLECTION: Please provide a telephone number when placing your order, we will call you once your order is ready for collection, payment can be made beforehand via phone or by card at the shop doorway and the goods will be placed on the table in the shop door for you.

DELIVERIES: Delivery to the vulnerable and at risk can be made to Crawley Down, Copthorne, Felbridge and Turners Hill. Remember if we can deliver to you, you could always take an order in for a key worker until they’re home.

Your address and telephone number should be provided when placing your order. We will call you once the order is complete and payment will be taken over the phone and delivery date advised. This week we can only offer deliveries from Tuesday (31st March) onwards since we need time to prepare and adjust. Please remember we do not open Sundays. The following week we may be able to make deliveries from Monday onwards depending on when we can get your order together.


With immediate effect, all public meetings of Felbridge Parish Council have been cancelled for the safety of both members of the public and councillors.  Councillors will continue to consider planning applications using the Tandridge District Council Planning Portal and will discuss by email before deciding on comments to be made for each application.  The Clerk will then share those comments with Tandridge District Council as usual.  In addition, a new tab has been added to the website so residents can view Felbridge Parish Council's comments. Members of the public can also post their own comments. The TDC Planning Portal can be found on https://tdcplanningsearch.tandridge.gov.uk/ Residents can search either by application reference numbers which are listed on the Agenda for each meeting or by address. 


Legislation has been approved to allow Parish Councils to hold online meetings while public meetings remain suspended.  Meetings will be restricted to current business and planning only. 

Anyone with any issues or concerns should contact the Parish Clerk Patricia Slatter on clerkfpc@aol.com 


Felbridge Parish Council submitted a formal request for the A264 to be resurfaced from Doves Barn through to the county boundary.  Our County Councillor has confirmed that resurfacing the A264 from the Star Junction through to the county boundary has been placed on the shortlist under the SCC Horizons project. 


Mid Sussex District Council have put forward a number of potential development sites across their area for consultation.  Site SA19 is located to the rear of the football ground and tennis club on the Crawley Down Road in Felbridge.  The land on which the dwellings would be built is in Mid Sussex but access would be across a section of Tandridge land.  A detailed objection to this proposal has been submitted by Felbridge Parish Council.  The full report is available at the foot of this page. Residents can view the MSDC plan on https://www.midsussex.gov.uk/media/4485/site-allocations-development-plan-council.pdf and email their comments to LDFconsultation@midsussex.gov.uk


New signs are now in place confirming that Rowplatt Lane is unsuitable for use by HGVs (except for access). 


Emergency contact numbers, email address and website addresses for all the council agencies and utilities providers has been uploaded below.  Please scroll down and open the folder named 'Emergency Contact Details'.


Agreement has been reached between both County Councils involved that Felbridge residents and others in the area will continue to be able to use the Imberhorne CRC facility on an ongoing basis.  The postcodes included are: RH19 2, RH7 6, RH10 3,,RH19 3, TN8 7, TN8 5 and TN8 6.  Residents will need to provide ID to show that they live in one of the postcode areas listed.  A map showing the districts now included can be found with the uploaded documents at the bottom of this page.


Information on both planned and unplanned roadworks, including the specific location and duration, can be found on the Surrey County Council website https://www.surreycc.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/roadworks-and-maintenance/roadworks  Using the map function allows users to view the surrounding area too which comes under West Sussex.  Another option which is often more up to date is the national roadworks website https://one.network/


Felbridge Parish Council response to the Regulation 19 consultation on the Local Plan.


Felbridge Parish Council is supportive of the fact that the Local Plan does not allocate any housing sites within Felbridge. We are aware that sites FEL001, FEL004, FEL005, FEL008 were assessed in the HEELA and were considered not to be in accordance with the preferred strategy. Felbridge Parish Council would oppose any future development of these Green Belt sites.  Any future development in Felbridge would be better met through infill development within the village.


The Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) identifies nine Transport schemes for the Parish of Felbridge. Four of these are considered to be High Priority and we welcome the proposed improvements.

The proposal is made by the IDP that improvements to Copthorne Road/Crawley Down Road Junction are funded through contributions from SES02 (Hobbs Industrial Estate). Whilst we would support improvements to the junction, we are unclear as to why the industrial site would be required to make contributions to this residential road scheme.

The IDP refers to the potential delivery of a relief road by the new Garden Village but with no detail at present as to the exact route this would take. Felbridge Parish Councils feels that further information is required before further comments can be made on this point.

The impact of the A22/A264 junction remains one of the biggest issues faced by Felbridge village and its residents now and in the future. The Local Plan proposes that as part of the mitigation for the proposed new Garden Village at Godstone that the A264 right turn onto the A22 heading South is made into two lanes.

However this mitigation is already proposed for the consented development at Hill Place Farm and therefore the extra capacity that this will generate will already be absorbed by traffic from the Hill Place Farm development. Therefore, this mechanism cannot be used to mitigate the impact from the proposed new Garden Village on the A264/A22 junction.

Examination in Public

Felbridge Parish Council would also like to actively participate in the Examination in Public process in due course. 

Additional Notes

FPC consider the source of funding of a residential road improvement being the Hobbs Industrial Estate is Unsound (not justified) as the industrial site has no impact upon this road. The funding should be via CIL derived from local in-fill housing.

FPC consider the Plan is Unsound (Not Effective & Not in Compliance with the NPPF) in relation to the mitigation of the Garden Village traffic being proposed as the two right turn lanes southbound onto the A22 at Felbridge.  This mitigation is already going to be delivered as a result of Planning Appeal APP/D3830/W/16/3142487 and the works would only provide mitigation of the 200 dwellings associated with that development, thus proposing the same mitigation (that is already being implemented) will not be effective in relation to providing any mitigation for the Garden Village. 

FPC are concerned with the failure to provide any material mitigation within the Plan for the recognised traffic impact resulting from the Garden Village upon the already “severe congestion” (quoted from Surrey Highways) at the A264/A22 junction is not in compliance with Paragraph 32 of the NPPF (2012) or Paragraph 109 of the NPPF (2018).

Tandridge District Council Additional Recycling - Door Step Collection

You can recycle textiles, paired shoes, small electrical items and batteries every week in your own plastic bags, by leaving them out with your food waste caddy.

All you need to do is:

  1. Place each type of item in a separate supermarket carrier bag (no larger than 35 x 40cm and not in black bin bags).
  2. Put batteries in a separate, sealable/tied up small bag eg a sandwich bag.
  3. Tie each bag.
  4. Leave the bags at the front of your property boundary next to your food waste caddy on your usual recycling/waste collection day by 6am.

For further information visit https://www.tandridge.gov.uk/Recycling-and-rubbish/Recycling/Textiles-electricals-and-battery-collections


The Parish Council are looking at options for operating Speedwatch within the village and would like anyone interested in volunteering to get in touch.  Please email clerkfpc@aol.com . 


APH, now based near Wyevale Garden Centre, are offering Felbridge residents and their family and friends return coach travel to and from Gatwick airport from their terminal on the Copthorne Road. The return fare costs £5 per person.  There's no restriction on when the return journey is made and it can also be used for day trips, for example if travelling by train to London.  Coaches run every 10-15 minutes, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This service may be used by commuters travelling by train, plane, etc There is no parking available with this product, it is a transfer service only Customers must book in advance and phone 01342 710071 and quote the code FELBR.


A defibrillator is located in the porch next to the entrance doors to Felbridge Village Hall. To access the equipment you first need to dial 999 and the emergency services will provide a code to open the cabinet.  The equipment works automatically with audible instructions on use.  It will not work if not correctly positioned so is safe to use.  The equipment and location were selected with advice from our local First Responder and SECAmb.