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Planning Comments

Felbridge Parish Council consider planning applications at both full monthly meetings on the first Thursday of each month and at planning meetings held the third Thursday of each month.  The applications for consideration at each meeting can be found on the Agenda.  Felbridge Parish Council share their comments with the planning department at Tandridge District Council who recognise the considerable local knowledge, planning expertise and understanding of the local area which councillors are able to provide.  The final decision on all applications rests with Tandridge District Council or with the Planning Inspectorate should an application go to appeal.  To view each application in detail please visit http://tdcws01.tandridge.gov.uk/ArcusPlanning/

July 2nd 2020

TA/2020/909 17 Copthorne Road, Felbridge, RH19 2NR (Advertisement)

Resolved:  Felbridge Parish Council object strongly to such a prominent advertising sign in an Area of Special Advertisement Control and note that previous similar signs in Felbridge were removed immediately.

TA/2020/831 Herons Bonsai, Wiremill Lane, Felbridge RH7 6HJ

Resolved:  Felbridge Parish Council support this type of proposal by a local business in the Green Belt supporting local employment.

TA/2020/999 Pooks Hill Cottage, Domewood, Copthorne RH10 3HD

Resolved: Felbridge Parish Council are concerned by the footprint increase caused by the proposed new garage.

TA/2020/788 Land to West of Arlington, Woodcock Hill, Felbridge RH19 2RB

Resolved: In principle, Felbridge Parish Council have no objection to the works, but wish to highlight that this application has been validated without a Heritage Statement.  A Roman Road runs across the site so works should not take place without Heritage advice.

June 2020

TA/2020/893 Casa Inca, 47A Copthorne Road, Felbridge (full response in document at foot of page)

Resolved: Felbridge Parish Council object to this proposal. We are concerned that the amended existing and proposed plans for the application submitted on the 3rd of June show a material change to the front boundary of the property which has already been partially implemented, but the application description is only for additional drop kerbs.  Our reason for objection is on the grounds of impact upon Highway Safety. By the reduction in visibility sightline as a result of the change to the front boundary treatment which is not as per the approved landscaping plan approved by application 2016/299/Cond1 which approved the construction of a bell mouth brick entrance with railings above providing wider visibility splays, in particular to the east which is the nearside approaching traffic on the A264.

TA/2020/712 Woodland Farm, Copthorne Road, Felbridge RH19 2QG

Resolved:  No Action

21st May 2020

TA/2020/555 15-39 Crawley Down Road, Felbridge, RH19 2PP

Resolved:  Felbridge Parish Council would request that a planning condition is applied that appropriate signage is erected to ensure that 6 parking spaces specifically allocated to benefit the school drop off times (5.4 of the design and access statement) remain available for that purpose. For example, no parking 0730-0800 & 1430-1500 would prevent them being used for the whole day by residents, whilst retaining them for short duration visitors outside of the school drop-offs. Whilst enforcement of this could be difficult, we would prefer that something is put in place.

TA/2020/724 15 & 38 Crawley Down Road, Felbridge, RH19 2PP

Resolved: Felbridge Parish Council are concerned that the group of dwellings in the north east corner of the site will have a greater massing effect upon the existing dwellings in Crawley Down Road. The latest layout shows a group of dwellings have been rotated in comparison with the outline layout, increasing the visual impact. We are also concerned about the loss of the bungalows from the housing mix as this was something that we had specifically requested during the community engagement as it was identified as a housing need in Felbridge.

TA/2020/744 Park Farm, Woodcock Hill, Febridge, RH19 2RB

Resolved:  No Action

TA/2020/811 Park Farm, Woodcock Hill, Felbridge, RH19 2RB

Resolved: No Action

7th May 2020

TA/2020/621 Long Ridge, Herons Close, Copthorne, RH10 3HF

Resolved:  Felbridge Parish Council consider this proposed extension to constitute inappropriate development.  Having gone from a bungalow to a two storey property, this extension would result in a 28.3% increase on the original dwelling which does not comply with DP13 Part E.

TA/2020/718 18 Warren Close, Felbridge, RH19 2PR

Resolved:  Felbridge Parish Council considered this revised application and found it suitable for approval. 

April 2020

TA/2020/643 Land between the Laurels and Oakview, London Road, Felbridge RH19 2QZ

The application is similar to a previous application to build three, albeit larger, detached houses submitted in November 2013 (2013/1637), which was refused by Tandridge District Council on 17th January 2014, and dismissed at appeal (APP/M3645/A/14/2219304) on 22nd October 2014. A further application (2015/2133) to build three houses was made by the applicant in December 2015 and refused by Tandridge District Council on 8th February 2016. The decision was not appealed.

Felbridge Parish Council (FPC) considers that the construction of three houses in the Green Belt is ‘inappropriate development’ which would result in material harm to the openness of the Green Belt. The applicant has not put forward a case for  ‘very special circumstances’ as to why the development should be granted consent. The development does not accord with the Tandridge Local Plan Policies DP10, or DP13 as the proposed development is not within a Defined Village, or the replacement of an existing structure. There are no substantial changes in the emerging local plan that would alter the position so far as this application is concerned.

The NPPF states that the construction of new buildings within the Green Belt will be considered inappropriate, unless ‘very special circumstances’ exist. There are certain exceptions to this but none of these apply in this case. The applicant appears to be relying on ‘limiting infilling within villages’. However the land in question clearly falls outside the built up area. The scattering of properties to the North does not form part of the built up area, or defined village.  The proposal would merge the village with the mainly rural properties surrounding and including Wards Farm, therefore creating a ribbon of development along the east side of the A22. This would cause harm to the openness of the Green Belt contrary to the NPPF.

FPC wish to draw attention to statements made by the Inspector in the 2014 appeal:

Para. 15: “Nevertheless, my impression is that the site does not display sufficient visual and practical characteristics, in terms of its physical proximity and relationship to key community features, to suggest it to be a discernible part of a village.”

Para.16: “The site comprises a substantial area of open land beyond this Defined Village boundary and its presence, far from reading as an undeveloped frontage within the village, marks some degree of transition from it to open countryside, in spite of the more sporadic pattern of residential development further to the north.” “I similarly find that the houses to the north also do not read as part of the village”.

 Para. 22: “I therefore conclude that the presence of the dwellings would result in a harmful reduction in openness and, accordingly, the development would be contrary to the Framework which seeks to ensure that the openness of the Green Belt is maintained. I attach substantial weight accordingly.”

 The applicant draws attention to housing need and how this will be met. The Examination of the TDC Local Plan was due to report just as the Covid-19 lockdown started. Therefore it would be premature to progress this application until such time as the Inspector has reached a conclusion relating to housing delivery.

In any event, FPC contends that the housing need should not be met by piecemeal construction causing harmful reduction in openness of the Green Belt surrounding Felbridge. Rather, additional housing should be provided within the built-up area.  It should be noted that within the ‘defined village’ 21 net additional dwellings were approved between 2015 and 2020, and 18 net additional dwellings approved between 2010 and 2014. This is without taking into the account the 121 units consented to the land south of Copthorne Road and Crawley Down Road on the border of Felbridge and Mid-Sussex

Felbridge Parish Council objects to the application and requests that it be refused.

TA/2020/405 Churchill Stud, West Park Road, Newchapel RH7 6HT. Erection of agricultural barn 

Resolved: No Action

TA/2020/528 Lewiston , 107 Copthorne Road , Felbridge RH19 2PB . Single storey rear extension

Resolved: No Action

TA/2020/620 Derry Beg, Domewood, Copthorne RH10 3HD. Single storey rear extension (CLUED) 

Resolved: No Action

2nd April 2020

TA/2020/353 11 Rowplatt Lane, Felbridge RH19 2PA

Resolved:  No Action

TA/2020/402 Haskins Snowhill, Snowhill Lane, Copthorne RH10 3EY

Resolved:  No Action

TA/2020/477 Taroona, Herons Lea, Copthorne, RH10 3HE

Resolved:  No Action

TA/2020/527 Lewiston, 107 Copthorne Road, Felbridge, RH19 2PB

Resolved:  No Action

19th March 2020

TA/2020/370 Chester Lodge, Woodcock Hill, Felbridge RH19 2RD

Resolved: Felbridge Parish Council support this proposal.  Councillors believe that the moderate enlargement to the office building does not represent inappropriate development in the green belt as it is directly supporting a rural business.

TA/2020/243 Pendinas, Herons Lea, Copthorne RH10 3HE (Revised Site Plan).

Resolved: No Action

TA/2020/357 Long Acres Caravan and Camping Park, Lingfield RH7 6LE (CLUED)

Resolved:  No Action

TA/2020/352 Little Sandford, Snow Hill, West Sussex RH10 3EY

Resolved: FPC support this application as long as a suitable planning condition is applied to prevent the future subdivision of the plot such that the use of the new accommodation remains ancillary to the main property.

TA/2020/467 Ferndene, Lake View Road , Felbridge RH19 2QE

Resolved: No Action

TA/2020/86 Copthorne Stud, Effingham Road, RH10 3HY. Erection of nine dwellings with associated garages, access, parking and landscaping

Felbridge Parish Council objects to the application to build nine houses at Copthorne Stud, Effingham Road, RH10 3HY. FPC has reviewed the application and in particular the Design and Access Statement. However, Felbridge Parish Council would have liked to see the applicant lodging a clear plan showing the proposals and how they sit in respect of the whole site and the existing uses and the extant planning consent. From the information provided, FPC assumes that the existing framework of the barn building is demolished, but again there is no proper plan to compare showing the whole site as existing.

Felbridge Parish Council considers that the construction of nine houses in the Green Belt is ‘inappropriate development’ which would result in material harm to the openness of the Green Belt. The applicant has not put forward a case for  ‘very special circumstances’ as set out in Paragraph.145 of the NPPF. The development does not accord with the Tandridge Local Plan Policies DP10, or DP13 as the proposed development is not within a Defined Village, or the replacement of an existing structure of the same use. CSP1, to which the applicant also refers, states that the location of development should take place in built up areas (which are listed) where there is a choice of mode of transport, but this application does not accord with this policy. There are no substantial changes in the emerging local plan that would alter the position so far as this application is concerned.

Although the applicant has put forward a case that the site is ‘sustainable’, Felbridge Parish Council does not consider this location to be ‘sustainable’ for housing within the meaning of the NPPF. The applicant points out that Haskins garden centre and a Public House/Restaurant are close-by, but the provision of any basic amenities and services is, by the applicant’s own admission, approximately two miles away in Copthorne Village.

There is no bus service along Effingham Road, and the nearest bus stop (with the exception of an infrequent service to East Grinstead from West Park Road) is at The Duke’s Head which is about 20 minutes walk. The housing is therefore totally dependent on the use of the private car.

The Introduction to the Design and Access Statement states that the scheme would have regard to housing mix and affordable housing. However, in 6.27, the application states that the number of dwellings is under the threshold for the provision of affordable housing and therefore such provision is not required. The mix of housing is somewhat limited, being 9 x 3-bed dwellings and 1 x 4-bed dwelling.

Felbridge Parish Council raised no objection to the application 2018/1871 (Demolition of the existing single storey front element and the erection of a replacement structure with rear extension to the main sand-school building and formation of new access), as this was a leisure amenity to be provided within the Green Belt under Paragraph 89 of the NPPF, and mirrored in the Local Plan.  However, Felbridge Parish Councillors object to this planning application to build nine dwellings and asks that the application be rejected for the above reasons.