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Meeting Dates


Full Parish Council meetings start at 7.30pm and Planning Meetings start at 7.00pm.  The first ten minutes of each meeting is set aside for residents who wish to raise issues with parish councillors.  Full information can be found under the Agendas tab.

Full Parish Council Meetings

4th February - online

4th March - online

1st April - online

6th May (preceded by the Annual Meeting at 7.00pm) - online

3rd June - Replaced by an online advisory Planning Meeting since Felbridge Village Hall is unable to open until 22nd June

1st July - face to face meetings resume

2nd September

7th October

4th November

2nd December

Planning Meetings

7th January

21st January

18th February

18th March

15th April

20th May 

17th June

15th July

5th August

19th August

16th September

21st October

18th November

16th December

Note:  Scheduled planning meetings will only take place when there are applications to be considered for that period and/or where there are issues for consideration or action by councillors before the next full meeting.