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MSDC Developments


MSDC Councillors Approve Sites on and near the Felbridge Border For Further Development

MSDC Councillors have voted 24/18 in favour of approving the sites included in their current Development Planning Document as suitable for future development. Of the MSDC councillors local to the East Grinstead/Felbridge area, only Cllr. Ian Gibson voted against.  A proposal to 'pause' the adoption failed. Included is SA19 (land off Crawley Down Road in Felbridge) for 200 houses. The pre-application by Barratt Homes for this site included a proposal to create a road across the Gullege Bridleway. Felbridge Parish Council strongly opposed that application. A full planning application is now expected. While MSDC have already approved three developments for 120+ houses off Felbridge roads, this latest proposal still needs to go through the planning process and residents will have the opportunity to comment. Updates will be posted.  Surrey Highways have said that Grampian Conditions should be imposed on any future planning applications in the area. This means that no building could take place until a solution was found to ease the congestion on the local road network.  Without conditions being imposed, previous developer commitments to improve roads were never delivered.

This proposal for 200 houses is in addition to the 120+ already built or under construction. The website is set up by Barratt Homes for this site is  A map showing the proposed development can be found at the bottom of this page under Uploaded Documents. The developer's presentation can be viewed on this link Felbridge Parish Council strongly opposes further major development on the Felbridge border without infrastructure delivery.  There are no plans to address the fundamental issues with the Star Junction in particular which already operates over capacity even before the impact from the 120+ new houses has been assessed.

MSDC have also included a further site near Imberhorne School for an additional 550 houses in their Site Allocations DPDs.  This site is known as SA20.  This will also have a major impact on the Star Junction and again there have been no proposals put forward to address the impact on the Star Junction.  

Felbridge Parish Council note that despite formal requests for support, MSDC allocated no infrastructure investment for play, sport, leisure, community buildings, etc from the funding they received from the developers of the sites at at 17 Copthorne Road, 15-39 Crawley Down Road or 11a Crawley Down Road.  In addition, there was no investment in road improvements in Felbridge.

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